Construction Management General Contracting


All successful projects are founded on good decisions which originate from accurate and reliable information. ZDG provides the Pre-Construction expertise to provide conceptual estimates or detailed budgeting upon which the project plan can be created. The plan is developed with the input of the owner’s objectives, the addition of project scheduling, and site logistics and constructability reviews.

Adherence to the plan, along with a flexible, managed response to change, is essential as our services are focused towards the Construction phase of the project. The developing design is scrutinized for completeness and comprehensive bid packages are prepared to limit omissions that cost time and money. All trade contractors are prequalified, whether for resource or technical ability, financial capacity, or MWBE or LEED capability. Early input is sought from local building departments and municipal agencies to expedite permits and services, and with specialty manufacturers for long lead items.

ZDG’s project Close-Out process is vital to the success of any project. ZDG’s meticulous planning and vast knowledge of construction sign-off procedures ensures timely turnover of the project. Building Department documentation changes, notices, inspections, and sign offs are crucial to completion achievement. Similarly, financial accuracy, contractor close-out, and final waivers are demanded from lending institutions.

We provide the practical human component of experience as we continue to advocate for and support the marketing team in their sales efforts and deliver a fully commissioned building over to the new operational team.